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30 July 2014

TULLE LOVE- Why I Love Tulle Skirts (And You Should, Too!)

Don’t know about you, but I am loving all that is happening in fashion these days. LET ME REPHRASE THAT! I am loving all that is happening in CLASSY fashion these days!  No more style boundaries. No more rules. Every style compromise and once sartorial concession seemed to have literally vanished. Who says you have to be a prima ballerina to master the tulle skirt? Here’s how I incorporated the chic piece into my wardrobe! 

And if you thought your inner girl or bride to be persona was a No-No place to go with your fashion choices, Pfff. Think again sista’. Tulle skirts are so feminine and you can feel like a princess from a fairytale, well at least that’s what everyone told me when I wore my tulle skirt this past weekend at the 2014 Regional/ International Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Nassau, Bahamas.   


Me and the big little sis! She’s also my talented blog photographer! 
(Mel- Lisha Babb)

TRUST ME, they’re not just for toddlers anymore! 
Tell me what ya' think about it?!


Dolphin Drive, Nassau, The Bahamas

Mel-Lisha Babb ( 
Instagram- @mellybabb

Makeup- Melanique (Lipstick- Candy Yum Yum by MAC)
Hair- Melanique (styled with flexible curling rods)

Skirt- Fuchsia Pink Vintage Tulle Skirt by Yves Saint Laurent

B’Jou Classique 18K Yellow Gold $50 Bahamian Coin (framed and encased in 18K Yellow Gold Frame and Blue Sapphire and Diamonds) 
B’Jou Classique Pink Sapphire Necklace 
B’Jou Classique Pink Sapphire Earrings 
Hermes Pink Sapphire Bracelet 
Cartier Love Bracelet in Yellow Gold and White Gold
Bvlgari White Enamel Ring with Yellow Gold Finish
18K Yellow Gold Presidential Rolex Watch

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