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14 August 2014

Regional/ International Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses 2014

It’s finally PART 2 of the Regional/ International Convention Pictures! I didn’t take many pictures this time because I was so busy but they few pictures I did capture were just so beautiful! I enjoyed the convention so much seeing that it focused on the hope of the resurrection. There’s been so much going on in my life especially since I’ve been dealing with my gran gran being hospitalized after having a heart attack. No one knows what the future holds except Jehovah God, but he assures one thing and that is he doesn’t want anyone to die. His purpose for the righteous is to live forever on a Paradise earth and that has always been His purpose (Psalms 37:29). Jehovah God has given us the heartwarming resurrection hope. (Acts 24:15) We are, of course, deeply saddened by the death of a loved one, but because of the prospect of the resurrection, ‘we do not sorrow as those do who have no hope.’ (1 Thess. 4:13) Out of love, Jehovah God yearns to resurrect the dead. (Job 14:15) Imagine the joyous reunions when resurrected ones are welcomed back to life here on earth. Our hearts swell with love for our heavenly Father, who has given us the marvelous resurrection hope! Be sure to check out for more information on any Bible questions you may have!

*Bible scriptures and bible information courtesy of

I'm in love with my Giuseppe Zanotti sandals pictured above. They’re just absolute perfection! I bought them online and they are worth every penny! I don’t remember the exact price but I know it was around $1,295.00 USD. Delicate and elegant, these black calfskin sandals are lit up by a triple ankle strap encrusted with variously cut crystals. YASSS as the Americans say-- YASSS! 

This yellow Hermes Birkin is still one of my favorites of all bag in my collection because it is the right POP of colour to go with almost anything!

This is the beautiful poinciana tree inside of the Assembly Hall yard that I thank Jehovah for every time the sun comes out. This tree keeps the breeze flowing seeing that we live in A FURNACE an island  known as the Bahamas.

This is my big little sister Mel-Lisha and her long beautiful legs. I on the other hand stopped growing from infancy HAHA! Too bad there’s no laughing emojis on this thing that way my joke would be even funnier!

This is the beautiful Bria. She was a little cranky when she woke up from her nap but I still managed to sneak in a shot of her!

My beautiful Aunt Viviane Pratt sporting all smiles during the lunch break at the convention! She doesn’t even know I took this. Isn’t it a beautiful off guard picture?! This is Cory’s mom!

Cory is being a helpful little cousin and guarding my Birkin bag because I told him I would buy him food and ice cream if he watched my bag for me… I love you Cory!

Check out this cute little fella doing his big man pose for the camera! His name is Nathan Moxey.


Dolphin Drive, Nassau, The Bahamas

Mel-Lisha Babb ( 
Instagram- @mellybabb

Makeup- Melanique (Lipstick- Red Lip stain by Stila Cosmetics)
Hair- Melanique (styled with flexible curling rods)

Dress- Talbots

B’Jou Classique Pink Sapphire Earrings 
Hermes Pink Sapphire Bracelet 
Cartier Love Bracelet in Yellow Gold and White Gold
Bvlgari White Enamel Ring with Yellow Gold Finish
18K Yellow Gold Presidential Rolex Watch

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