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02 November 2014

Girls LOVE Their Pearls!

Hello my lovelies! Before I say anything else I must apologize for being absent for so long, and the reason why is.... (same old excuse) I’ve been crazy busy with work and traveling! I have been so busy that I had no time to blog. Please accept my apologies and I won’t let it happen again! I fell in love with this last minute look and just wanted to share it with you guys! You’ll find outfit details and links listed below.

Jacket- Balmain
Skirt- Talbots
Shoes- Christian Louboutin
Bag- White LeBoy Chanel

B’Jou Classique Genuine South Sea Earrings 
B’Jou Classique Genuine South Sea Pearl Set 
(includes Pearl Bracelet, Pearl Necklace and Interchangeable Pearl Clasp)

I stopped by my job (high end interchangeable jewelry store) when I was done with my outing and my babies missed me! I was so happy to see them although they looked filthy, I still love them! They spent the day at the beach.

Of course my two little dirty rascals (Lacey and Ivory) had to photo bomb me! I’m LOVING my brand new violet and gold trim Victorian vanity chair. My vanity is so gorgeous, I’m so excited to do a blog post on it for you guys!


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