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28 June 2017

Jake’s First Swim! | LoveMelanique

Jake is now 6 weeks old and we got the go ahead from our doctor that he can go for his first swim in the ocean after he was all healed up from his circumcision, which he had at 8 days old. She said that we should wait until he’s six months to take him into the pool because of the amounts of chlorine. 

We got Jake all lathered up in his ‘Think Baby’ sunscreen and this really helped keeping his sensitive baby skin from being sunburned. As baby’s skin are still so sensitive at this age and their temperatures can easily drop, we didn’t keep him in for long periods of time. Once we got him out we washed him off in normal water and immediately wrapped him up in his towel and allowed him to rest for a bit. We repeated this about 3 times. 

He absolutely loved his first swim and I firmly believe that it is a result of LOVING bath time so much! It was an amazing experience watching our son take his first swim. It was the first of many more things to come. Please share your baby’s first swim experience!

Love Melanique!


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