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17 January 2018

Peachy! | LoveMelanique

I was feeling very peachy in this gorgeous dress I wore at a recent charity luncheon. I purchased this beautiful, wide sleeve dress from Zaful. I must say the quality is amazing and the zipper is nice and heavy duty! Since then I have purchased a few more dresses and tops that are stunning. I highly recommend checking their site out for cheap but quality clothing finds!

Love Melanique! 


14 January 2018

Visiting Hong Kong and China! | LoveMelanique

I had a fabulous time in Hong Kong and mainland China. In mainland China we visited Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Shenzhen was once just a fishing village and now it is a major technology city. Guangzhou is also amazing because everywhere you go there is a factory that manufacturers every product you could ever imagine. China has come a very long way and is so full of riches and life. It was great to experience the Chinese culture and food because those are two things  I enjoy in any country that I travel to.  Here are a few pictures of my trip, you definitely must visit!

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